IRB 5500-22

IRB 5500-22
The unique design and configuration of the wall mounted FlexPainter IRB 5500-22 has created the largest and most flexible robot working envelope for any paint robot. 

It takes two FlexPainter IRB 5500-22s to handle jobs that up until now have required four paint robots. The results are lower cost, both initially and in the long run, faster installation, high uptime and reliability.

The FlexPainter IRB 5500-22 is specifically designed for ABB’s efficient FlexBell Cartridge System (CBS). The loss during color change is close to zero. It is the best solution for non-batch painting and multiple colors.

  • Faster return on investment
  • Improved reliability of a complete automation system
  • Increased flexibility for new processes and new vehicle models
  • Reduced size and environmetal impact of robotic paint booths
  • Reduced required booth length and width for a robotic paint system
  • Reduced air handling volumes for ventilation
  • Reduced emissions from booth exhausts
  • Reduced machine programming efforts, in time and personnel requirements



Typical acceleration

12m/ sec2 (up to 24m/sec2)

Typical painting speed



600 kg


Key features

  • Available on rail
  • Designed for an elevated position, mounting positions: up right, tilted or inverted
  • Large working envelope - utilize the largest part of the envelop aligned with the length of the main object to be painted
  • Designed for high flow atomizers, for direct charge and external solutions (or no electrostatic charging)
  • Straight hollow wrist for optimized accessibility and a clean exterior
  • Fully integrated Paint process control
    • For 1k or 2k solutions, designed and arranged to minimize color change losses
    • Integrated fluid control, air control and high voltage cntrol
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